Chicago Cigar Bars & Hookah Bars

Our cigar smoking friends have very discriminating tastes, and they have crafted this list of the very best cigar bars and hookah bars in the Chicago area just for you. We've included address, telephone, and website information to make them easier to find. We also recommend renting a party bus to take you on a day trip to several bars in one day!

415 North Dearborn Street - Phone: (312) 527-3510

Located in the upstairs of Chicago's world famous Sullivan's Steak House is the finest cigar bar in town. They've got a fully stocked humidor with more than twenty different cigars for sale.

The frugal cigar smoker can enjoy cigars in the ten dollar range, and big spenders will enjoy the thirty and forty dollar cigars. We would recommend the Arturo Fuente maduro robusto. Very dark and aromatic.

They've got live jazz music on weekends from 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM as well. You can relax in the cozy leather seats with a nice glass of bourbon, letting the fine cigars and mood music take you away to a bygone era.

100 East Chestnut Street - Phone: (312) 587-8989

Mike Ditka is of course "Iron Mike," famous for his days in the NFL as a player, commentator, coach. Chicago residents know him best as the coach of the Chicago Bears between 1982 and 1992, and prior to that as a player for the same team from 1961 to 1966.

Mike's restaurant is of course heavy with sports memorabilia, and his Pro Shop features lots of great merchandise, but the standout items are of course the cigars that were created specifically for him.

The tobacco that's rolled by hand into these cigars is very mild and high quality. They package the cigars in vacuum sealed tubes so you don't need a humidor to store them. And you'll love the finishing touch--a ringband that's made to look like Mike's Super Bowl ring!

The restaurant itself is cigar friendly of course, and you'll really enjoy smoking those fine cigars from Pacific Cigar Company in the cozy bar area. This is definitely one of our favorite places to light up.

742 North Clark Street - Phone: (312) 642-9253

Clark Street Ale House is a cigar-friendly restaurant and bar. You'll love the tavern atmosphere and rich cherrywood bar. They don't waste time here on pretense. It's just a good old fashioned bar where you can relax and enjoy a good drink and a smoke.

They've got a nice selection of beers on draft, and in the warmer summer months you'll enjoy sipping those brews in their outdoor beer garden seating area.

One thing that sets this apart from most other bars is that it doesn't have any food whatsoever. They serve excellent drinks and that's the end of the story. Clark Street Ale House is just a great bar with a relaxed low-key atmosphere. It's a wonderful place to light up a fat cigar and relax with your friends.

701 South State Street - Phone: (312) 427-2787

South Loop Club, or SLC for short, is a downtown bar and grill that aims for the neighborhood bar feel. Their burgers have been awarded the title of the best in Chicago, and they feature an amazing array of more than eighty beers from around the world.

The Martini and Cigar Bar at SLC is just the icing on the cake. We absolutely love their fine martinis, and drinking one with a big fat stogie is one of the most pleasurable experiences you can have. The atmosphere here is just wonderful.

Another plus is that they serve food until last call, so you can buffer that buzz with some great bar food before you head home! Beyond the award winning burgers, we'd recommend the Cod Fish Sandwich, the Chicken Wings, and the Greek Pizza. Everything on the menu is delicious!

16 West Ontario Street - Phone: (312) 640-1000

We love The Redhead Piano Bar for so many reasons. It's got a wonderful atmosphere. They have incredible live music seven nights a week. They stay open until 4:00 AM each night and as late as 5:00 AM on Saturdays. There's never a cover charge. And the food and martinis are delicious.

But the main reason that we love this piano bar is because it double as a great cigar bar! They've got a fine cigar list featuring sixteen of the best cigars that money can buy, including a chocolate cigar for those with a real sweet tooth! Should there ever be a smoking ban in Chicago, you'll still be able to enjoy these fine stogies in their outdoor seating area. The cigar bar part of this lounge isn't going away anytime soon.

Their glass cigar case is located near the back by the other merchandise. Take your pick from the fine cigars, and then settle in to listen to some of the best sounds you'll find in the Chicago area.

140 East Walton Street - Phone: (312) 787-2200

Located in The Drake Hotel, Coq D'Or was the second bar to open after Prohibition was repealed. This rich historic atmosphere is perfect for enjoying a fine cigar and your choice of drink.

They sell a nice variety of cigars at the bar, and are both a cigar friendly and pipe friendly bar.

You'll feel that you stepped back in time when you enter the doors of this Chicago classic. From your first puff of your cigar to your last sip of liquor, every moment here is one of class and sophistication.

19 North Bothwell Street (in Palatine) - Phone: (847) 358-0200

This cozy little cigar bar is located outside of the Chicago city limits, but it's worth the trek of just under an hour. They sell an array of great cigars, from the low end to more expensive varieties. You'll love relaxing in a cozy booth while puffing away on their finest tobacco.

The staff here is very friendly and the atmosphere very clean and comfortable. We love the low-key neighborhood vibe. It's such a great place to relax with a smoke after a long hard day at work.

20 East Chestnut Street - Phone: (312) 324-4000

While the name doesn't specify that it's a cigar bar, Le Bar definitely encourages cigar smoking though they don't sell any cigars themselves. We're a fan of the old fashioned atmosphere here, with the dim lights and low music. If you're on a date, this is a very romantic choice.

Their ventilation system keeps the bar very smoke-free despite all the smoking that's taking place, making this a good place for you to bring nonsmoking friends.

If you're going to grab a bite to eat while you're at Le Bar, we'd recommend the pizza or the steak sandwich. Both are excellent.

205 North Broadway Avenue - Phone: 630-264-BREW

The Cognac Cigar Bar is an excellent out of the way cigar bar in Aurora. It's a little under an hour's drive from the city, and this quiet comfortable night spot welcomes cigar smoking and sells a fine selection of stogies too.

We'd recommend pairing your cigar with some cognac, of course. If your'e going to travel an hour to The Cognac Cigar Bar, you may as well heed the advice in their name! Their cognacs are fantastic as are their cigars.

You'll love the relaxed vibe and the friendly bartender. Just sink into the relaxed atmosphere and let go all the stresses of your work week.

2210 West Chicago Avenue - Phone: 773-276-1411

Darkroom has been keeping crowds happy since 2001. The name is a riff on the fact that they showcase excellent area photographers in their bar. Despite the name, it's got cozy lighting and very fine decor that will put you in a luxurious frame of mind.

The bar itself functions as a lightbox, which of course is any drinking photographer's dream. If you love great photography, you'll love this smoking-friendly establishment.

They also have an outdoor heated patio with heaters provided by Camel. This is one of the coziest outdoor spots in Chicago where you can just kick back and enjoy that smoke, whether it's a cigar, a cigarillo, or a cigarette. We highly recommend this gem of a bar to any smoker.

3220 North Lincoln Avenue - Phone: 773-348-6088

Fizz is one of our favorite places in Chicago to relax and have a smoke. While they don't sell cigars here, they do sell cigarettes, and they also have a very nice outdoor patio and beer garden where you can kick back and enjoy your stogies.

The wonderful outdoor area holds over one hundred and fifty guests, and they have both heaters and fans to keep the area comfortable year round.

Inside you'll enjoy dancing, DJs, comedy acts, trivia, and even karaoke. The second floor is where you'll find the Pub Theater Company with live shows going on Friday and Saturday nights.

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