Rent a Party Bus

When it's time to plan a party with a large group of friends, the best transportation you can choose is a party bus. It's essentially a very large and comfortable limousine. If you and your cigar smoking buddies want to hit several cigar bars, hookah bars, and smoke shops in one day, we would highly recommend renting a party bus or limo bus to take you there.

Nobody wants to be the designated driver, and with a party bus no one has to be. You can gather twenty or so friends, hit all your favorite cigar bars and hookah bars, maybe a couple of regular bars or restaurants, and even your favorite sports venues. Anywhere you want to go within the Chicago area can be worked into a fun party bus trip.

Party buses are usually equipped with wraparound seating for easy conversation, and often have upscale lighting and audio systems to make your ride even more pleasant. Some may have LCD televisions or even lighted stripper poles. If you're interested in booking a party bus trip to the cigar bars in the Chicago area, we recommend Party Bus Chicago. Just click to book your trip now!

Party Bus Chicago
1331 South Prairie Avenue
Chicago, IL 60605
(312) 725-2871

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