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Chicago is famous for many things, but as a cigar aficionado, you know that the city should be more well known for its exquisite selection of fine cigar bars. Our cigar smoking friends have narrowed it down to concise lists of the very best bars and smoke shops in the area. It's with great pleasure that we present that to you here on our website.

These smoking friendly establishments became popular in the earlier part of last century when smoking bans made it difficult for people to find public places to smoke. Many cigar bars were able to obtain exemptions from the laws, and they became a safe haven for smokers to enjoy themselves even in the midst of restrictive legislation.

Today we face the similar situations with or without smoking bans. With so many people taking offense to smoking in public places, the one place you know you can relax with your fine Cuban cigar or even a cheap American stogie is a cigar bar!

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